About BEDC

BEDC’s Mission Statement

BEDC seeks to create and expand economic opportunity throughout Brooklyn by implementing business and neighborhood development and planning activities
to support and create sustainable jobs, industries and communities.


Founded in 1979 to stimulate economic growth and neighborhood stability in Kings County, the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) has evolved into a multi-service, business and community development organization serving over 1000 clients per year. Our expanding and enhanced services are structured to meet the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs in a constantly changing, dynamic urban economic environment. In twenty-four years of service to the business community, BEDC has provided training, technical assistance and counseling to over 20,000 established or potential business owners.

BEDC’s approach to accomplishing its mission is uniquely holistic. We believe economic development is inseparably intertwined with community development and empowerment. Expanding social and economic opportunity in underserved communities is a primary vehicle towards this end. Our activities in this area include seeking resources to support efforts that link entrepreneurs to capital markets, advancing entrepreneurship and enterprise formation in low-income communities, the development and ongoing support of programs and initiatives that help to eliminate all barriers to greater economic growth.

Our professional staff is well equipped with practical and academic experience in all areas relevant to business and community development, marketing, real estate, loan analysis and packaging, certification and procurement. Additional skills such as teaching, counseling and computer knowledge are to be found among the staff. We firmly believe in forming collaborative partnerships with organizations that are pursuing goals similar to ours. In this way, resources are maximized and more people and businesses receive quality services.

As you browse through this website, we are sure that you will find a service or resource that can help meet your business or community development needs. If so, please don’t hesitate to call. A member of our staff will be pleased to assist you with your business and community development needs.